Lucky 7 Growth Oil

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Why gamble with the condition of your hair when you can protect it with Lucky 7 Growth Oil?

One ingredient just doesn't cut it when it comes to properly promoting quick and easy hair growth. So we've added 7 (yes, 7!) powerful ingredients to our bestselling oil treatment!

1) Cedar Wood Oil: stimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth
2) Geranium: strengthens strands to prevent breakage & split ends
3) Peppermint: boosts blood flow & oxygen for a healthy scalp
4) Lavender: conditions deeply to promote shine, silken & soften
5) Rosemary: increases circulation of the scalp for faster growth
6) Jojoba Oil: hydrates & replenishes the hair with vital nutrients
7) Clary Sage Oil: gently awakens damaged cells & weak follicles
8) Almond Oil: soothes away itchiness & moisturizes the scalp

Lucky 7 is one of the most versatile and easiest to use hair growth treatments on the market.
Check out a few different ways you can reap the benefits of our nutritive hair treatment.

Method #1: Place bottle in bowl of warm water, let it warm up, dispense desired amount into hands, apply to hair, let soak, then rinse out.
(Recommended Deep Conditioning Hair Tip: cover your hair with a plastic cap designed for hot oil treatments during the soaking process.)

Method #2: Pour a thin layer of oil your fingertips and then gently massage your scalp with them for a continuous 3-5 minutes; do not rinse; style as usual.

Method #3: Add a bit of Lucky 7 oil to the formulas of your shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments to give them an extra boost of benefits.

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6 Reviews

Andrea 20th May 2019

Luckly 7 Growth Oil

This one of the best oil I have purchased!! I'm in love in how my hair response to this oil. My hair is so soft.. I will be purchasing the this oil again...

C. Meredith 12th Jun 2018

Great oil mix

This contains many of the oils needed for healthy hair and scalp. So happy to find this in one bottle. So glad I found Hairizon. Not only great natural and healthy products, but they are so friendly and helpful. Thank you Hairizon!!!

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