Hangover Beard Oil & Balm Deluxe Set

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Contains: (1) 2oz Hangover Beard Oil & (1) 2oz Hairizon Beard Balm (shea butter with extra virgin coconut mixed with our Beard Oil).  You will receive your Beard Balm premixed with our oil.

Use the Beard oil alone (OR) use the Beard Balm.  If you decide to use the Balm, you would just need to purchase Hairizon's shea butter once your Balm runs out and mix in your remaining Hairizon Beard Oil.

Keeps your beard and mustache from being dull, promotes growth & thickness of facial hair. This combination moisturizes your beard to reduce itchiness and dryness.

Dryness is the primary cause of itchy facial hair.  Also helps to heal razor bumps.

Ingredients for Hangover beard found here:

How to use:

After washing with Hangover Beard Wash, leave beard damp and apply from root to tip. Making sure not to forget the skin underneath!

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