Hairzon Hand-Dipped Incense

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We've got just what you need to fill your home or office with luxurious aroma without the toxic aftermath. These hand-dipped incense sticks are bar none the BEST!

✓ Carefully dipped by hand in a highly concentrated oil “batter” and then soaked for a prolonged period in a sealed environment, our handmade fragrance oil incense yields a strong throw for maximum effect.

✓ Drenched in natural fragrance and essential oils, the aromatic blends we use to soak our sticks contain absolutely NO alcohol or yucky toxins that wind up invading your air and lessening its quality.

We proudly do home fragrance right by offering our premium made-to-order incense. Since we never stockpile our handcrafted incense sticks, yours may arrive a bit wet. But that's okay. This only indicates just how fresh the hand-dipped incense sticks are. And if this is the case, simply go ahead and burn them in their dampened condition.

Our custom-made incense sticks typically have a shelf-life of about 5-6 months if stored properly. To preserve the freshness of the aromatic oils, we recommend storing the sticks in a tight seal container or bag.

Caution: Never keep the hand-dipped incense sticks in reach of young children or pets and always use a fire-safe container to catch hot ashes when burning.

Incense sticks are 11" long - standard size

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3 Reviews

Shanise 6th Aug 2022


Thank you sooooo much for packaging the incenses so securely. The smell is unmatched!!! I love every different scent but I’m stuck on the Pisces one! Thank you again

Mara 11th Oct 2018


I love the scent. Love Potion is my favorite scent and incense are long lasting.

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